Traineeships are an exciting way to get a feel for an industry or career when you are not sure about your career journey.

A Traineeship can last from 6 weeks up to six months. If you have little work experience but are prepared to work hard and learn, it's a great way to get on the job ladder. Here's the full details:

You are suitable for a Traineeship if you:

  • Are unemployed and have little work experience
  • Are motivated to work
  • Aged 16 - 18 and qualified below Level 3, or 19 - 23 and have not yet achieved a full Level 2 qualification
  • Can be ready for employment or an Apprenticeship within six months of engaging in a Traineeship.

You are not suitable for doing a Traineeship if you:

  • Already have the skills and experience needed to start an apprenticeship or find work
  • Already in a job

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Traineeships focus on giving young people the skills and experience that employers are looking for by providing a work placement and work skills training, alongside support to improve your English and Maths.
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