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Oldham and The Road to Somewhere

Thursday, 22 June 2017, 11:00AM - 12:30PM

  • Oldham and The Road to Somewhere


Author David Goodhart joins us at The Grange Theatre, Oldham College at 11.00am on 22 June 2017 to debate the ideas in his best selling book, The Road to Somewhere followed by a panel discussion.

Eventbrite - David Goodhart, talks about his acclaimed book, The Road to Somewhere

David Goodhart is the founding editor of Prospect magazine and one of the most distinctive voices on British politics today. He is currently head of the Demography, Immigration and Integration Unit at the think tank Policy Exchange, and was previously director of the centre-left think tank Demos.

"Goodhart offers an impeccably sensible and decent exposition of how the political elites have failed their societies … The book makes compelling reading both for voters and those who want to get elected by them."Max Hastings, The Sunday Times
"A provocative take on the UK’s new tribal divisions … And it broadly works … The Road to Somewhere has the feel of a book whose timing … is pitch-perfect."Andrew Marr, New Statesman
‘"Goodhart’s exploration of this underlying divide — and the question of what might be done — is not only timely but also offers an accessible, evidence-based and direct account of how these conflicts are reshaping the political world around us."Matthew Goodwin, Financial Times
"Goodhart has clarity of argument and courage. He has been making these points for a decade and urging the mainstream to engage with them. He does not do fads."The Observer
"Goodhart has written what may turn out to be the most sympathetic and insightful book about Britain’s discontented masses."Toby Young, The Spectator
‘Mr Goodhart’s book seems likely to inform the debate on what post-Brexit Britain should look like.’" — The Economist


  • Thursday, 22 June 2017
  • 11:00AM - 12:30PM
  • Grange Theatre, Rochdale Rd, Greater Manchester OL9 6EA
  • 0161 785 4239