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Oldham College learners take part in future of FE discussion with ex Deputy Liberal Democrat Leader Sir Vince Cable and NUS

Posted on: 03 April 2017

Twenty Oldham College students took part in lively discussions today (Thursday 23rd March) about quality education in FE. The discussion was led by ex-Deputy Liberal Democrat Leader Sir Vince cable and Emily Chapman from the National Union of Students.

Dr Cable and NUS are currently working on a report that looks at further education and has direct input from learners at colleges across the country. Dr Cable explains: “I have been working with the NUS to meet learners face-to-face to get their opinions and ideas when it comes to FE. We have been asking about what makes good information advice and guidance (IAG), where they think there are gaps in education, what works and what doesn’t, what help did they get from their previous school as well as college, how was the college application process, what help was offered financially, do they get enough information on being a good citizen and much more.

“The learners here at Oldham have been fantastic. Everyone who attended our session today had something to contribute. There were some really interesting comments and observations and I must say they were all very positive about Oldham College.”

Emily continues: “We have visited colleges in Liverpool, Dudley, Surrey and now Oldham, with more lined up. I really enjoy this kind of interaction with learners and my colleagues and I look forward to doing more of this work.”

A final report is due to be published later in Autumn 2017 with recommendations for the future of further education.

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